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Value Driven Solutions (VDS) is a management consulting firm focused on Continuous Improvement; based on the Lean Principles for Manufacturing and Service, and the Six Sigma methodology for problem solving. We leverage the culture-changing power of the Lean Principles and the accuracy of Six Sigma to bring our clients exceptional business results.

“Value Driven Solutions” is fully committed to enabling businesses to reach their full operational potential through the implementation of tailored problem solving strategies in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

We offer a balanced and cost effective approach based on exceptional customer support, knowledge transfer, and innovative solutions; whether your organization is new to continuous improvement, needs to revamp a stagnant program, or simply wants to complement an existing one.


“The Lean Oil & Gas Organization”-February 2016, Huston TX

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Lean Six Sigma Consultant, Managing Member

Results driven and innovative leader with over 10 years of experience implementing Lean Six Sigma principles in manufacturing, warehouse, services, and back office environments. Excellent skills in problem solving, analytical thinking, business judgment, change management, and adaptability.
Demonstrated ability to lead cross-functional teams in Kaizen activities such as: Value Stream Mapping, 6S, Root Cause Analysis, Mistake Proofing, Lean Cell Design, and Total Productive Maintenance among others. Consistently increases productivity and quality while reducing costs with focus on proven World Class performance methodologies (Lean, Six Sigma, ACE, Operational excellence).
Proven track record building World Class continuous improvement cultures to complement organizational Lean strategies.

Specialties: Lean Six Sigma methodology deployment and implementation, Operational Excellence & Continuous Improvement Program management, Change management

Principal & Managing Partner

Geroge Bowman

Innovative and result driven leader focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive markets. Experienced in driving product process and customer improvements while building partnerships with key business decision makers. Consistently increased productivity reduced operating costs and improved product quality by utilizing world class operating methodologies (Lean, Six Sigma, Achieving Competitive Excellence, and Operational Excellence) to optimize manufacturing/ rationalize manufacturing processes and supply chain expertise.

Specialties:: Lean Manufacturing – Six Sigma – Value Stream Mapping – Business Process Mapping – Project Management – Standard Work – Cellular Design – Team Building – Change Management – Root Cause Analysis – Training & Facilitation – TPS – Problem Solving – DMAIC -DMADV- Hoshin Kanri – Kaizen -5s -TPM – Line Back Logistics – Supplier Integration – Executive Coaching – P&L Management


In order to better provide our clients with a customized plan to implement our World Class Performance Program, a Lean Enterprise Assessment is recommended to determine several key success factors.

The Assessment aims to determine the organization’s:

  • Cultural readiness for change;
  • Current state of continuous improvement efforts;
  • Operational capability and flexibility;
  • Relationship among internal processes as well as those of its suppliers;
  • Adaptability to the continuously changing competitive environment.

“Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.”

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Through our World Class Performance Program for Operations and Services, we provide our clients with a comprehensive framework to support their Lean Transformation regardless of program maturity level or company size.

These services include:

  • Lean Strategy Development & Deployment;
  • Lean Transformation for Manufacturing & Service;
  • Lean Promotion Office Development;
  • Value Stream Process Management;
  • Lean Supply Chain & Supplier Integration;
  • Lean Office;
  • Kaizen Facilitation.


Workshops & Seminars

VDS offers a variety of training courses, workshops, and interactive simulations to help our clients succeed in the implementation of the Lean Six Sigma methodology with focus on a decreasing external presence.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) 

Learn to reduce costs and increase overall equipment effectiveness by combining preventive and predictive maintenance with increased operator responsibility. Learn to design a comprehensive maintenance system for the life cycle of your equipment. Become familiar with the 6 Big Losses and the TPM activities to eliminate them.

Value Stream Process Management

More than just mapping. Using VDS’ data based approach, participants will learn to define and choose the right product family to improve. Learn to see the complete process flow and quickly identify sources of waste. Available for manufacturing, MRO, and office (service) environments.

6S for Flow

Create positive customer impressions, increase employee morale, safety, and efficiency through workplace organization. Learn to design and implement a self sustaining 6S program that can be the foundation for World Class performance.

Conducting Market Feedback Analysis

Learn to “really” listen to the voice of the customer (VOC), both internal and external. Achieve a better understanding of their requirements and expectations. Learn how to use this information to guide your Lean initiatives and incorporate it in your strategy.

Train the trainer

Develop your own internal training and facilitation force to drive change and perpetuate the benefits of Lean in your organization. Further develop future and current leaders of your organization through practical Lean implementation experience.

Introduction to Lean Transformations 

Understanding the fundamental concepts of value, waste, and flow.Learn to determine Takt Time and implement Pull systems. Become familiar with the origin of Lean Thinking. Learn to identify the 8 wastes and how to eliminate them.

Cellular Design for OEM, Office, and MRO

Redesigning work spaces based on part families and work content in order to meet Takt time requirements. Learn the critical roll of equipment and personnel location, and material and tool presentation in workplace efficiency and flexibility. Learn to maximize floor space utilization.

Root Cause Analysis and Mistake Proofing

A three step approach to effectively identify the root cause of problems and eliminate it to prevent reoccurrence. Learn to design error prevention into the process or product to achieve zero defects.


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