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Amazing Benefits of Lean Organization in HealthCare by Marie Miguel

In the 1940s, Toyota executives aimed to ameliorate their manufacturing processes, it led them to come up with the famous Toyota Production System. Also known as “Lean organization” it was used by different manufacturing industries across the globe as a methodology to curb inefficiency and improve the quality of their products and services. The goal of lean organization is deemed

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#Toyota Unveils Revamped #Manufacturing #Process

A great article by YOKO KUBOTA TOYOTA CITY, Japan—Toyota Motor Corp. broke a two-year silence on a revamped manufacturing process—built on sharing components among vehicles—that the world’s best-selling auto maker says will produce half its vehicles by 2020 and slash costs. But its unveiling follows a path blazed in recent years by German rival Volkswagen AG—a reversal for the Japanese pioneer,

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