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How to Find a Good #Lean #Consultant

Article written by Christoph Roser –  Lean Expert Lean manufacturing is difficult. External expertise can help you in improving your business. However, the wrong consultant can at best have no effect, or worse damage your company, or at worst kill the company. Hence the consultant you hire will have a significant impact on the outcome of the project. This post will give

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Who said Lean Six Sigma is not about People?

Article written by Michael Ballè Without mastering these seven foundational behavioral skills, even with their heart in the right place, leaders fumble their presence at the gemba and, consequently, feel disappointed by the bottom-line results they get from their lean efforts. With Lean Thinking, Jim Womack and Dan Jones ushered a true (and rare) revolution in management thinking: To deliver a

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Grasp the “KNOW WHY” to score!

How do we make the difference? Unhappy employees would not have the motivation to make the difference. Lean six sigma business management philosophy guides us to treat employees as an asset and invest in people. Does this mean that we pay employees more to make the difference? Two of the key business imperatives for any organization are – building and

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