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How Wrong Representation of Problem Can Hamper Your Improvement Journey

This an interesting article wrote by Mr. Nitali Zaveri Many organizations are perusing Six Sigma as an organization philosophy to improve process performance. One of our clients, a leading manufacturer of the capital machineries was interested in understanding and perusing Six Sigma. So they called many consultants for discussion including our consulting company. We proposed to conduct… READ THE FULL

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5 Lean Six Sigma Deployment MISTAKES and 5 SOLUTIONS. I have been really impressed by the 3rd solution!

A well planned Six Sigma deployment can lead to a rewarding experience and immense benefits for an organization. On the flip side, however, a flawed deployment may lead to disappointing results. There are five problems in Six Sigma deployments, which, if not handled well, will derail a deployment effort. Fight Problems Early Successfully avoiding these common mistakes will yield long-term

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