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The #Kata of Leader #Development

A great article written by Mark Rosenthal  (TheLeanThinker.com) I’ve been parsing Turn the Ship Around to better understand David Marquet’smessage from his experience as captain of the USS Santa Fe (SSN 763), a Los Angeles Class nuclear powered attack submarine. And I’ve been promising to link his concepts back to Toyota Kata. So now I’m going to try to do that.

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Transformational Leadership: Inspiring to Change

Say the word “leader” and most of us envision a knight-like figure charging headlong, inspiring his troops and generally leading from the front. That’s the dramatized version of a special type of leadership called “Transformational Leadership”. Transformational leadership is probably the ideal interpretation of leadership, and the most romanticized. Leaders of this kind are visionaries, full of enthusiasm and boundless

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Six Sigma, Lean or Kaizen? That is the question

For more than a decade, publications such as Fortune, Business Week and hundreds of books have stressed the human side of change, infrastructure, customer focus, boundaryless and learning organizations, innovation and out-of-box thinking, and cultural transformation. Executives continue to send their employees off to Six Sigma, Lean, or Kaizen boot camps to learn the tools, but they are often disappointed

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