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Jeffrey Liker explains Change Management and Lean Transformation

Jeffrey Liker President, Liker Lead Advisors Change management has become its own consulting specialty. It is often part of deploying massive IT systems and some companies use change management specialists to assist in lean transformation. Unfortunately many versions are based on a flawed assumption—thinking about the transformation as what Kurt Lewin called the “unfreeze-change-refreeze” model. In his model specific actions need to

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The #Kata of Leader #Development

A great article written by Mark Rosenthal  (TheLeanThinker.com) I’ve been parsing Turn the Ship Around to better understand David Marquet’smessage from his experience as captain of the USS Santa Fe (SSN 763), a Los Angeles Class nuclear powered attack submarine. And I’ve been promising to link his concepts back to Toyota Kata. So now I’m going to try to do that.

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Starbucks Coffee and Kaizen

I am a confirmed Starbucks addict. Because the burnt flavor of their beans titillates my taste buds in just the right way, at 5am every morning I walk to my neighborhood Starbucks and kick start my day with a whole milk grande latte, no foam, extra shot. Makes my mouth water just to think about it! This morning, as the

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