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Is your company ready and willing to accept #change?

Article written by Alec Cook Are your employee’s ready to accept your changes into their working roles? More importantly, if they are not, how do you motivate them to accept it? These are two questions that organizational development and change researchers have been studying for years and I believe I have found an answer. Employee acceptance to change involves two fundamental

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Apply Lean Six Sigma with Toilet Paper Origami

Standardization, visual management, and process confirmation are some important elements of lean manufacturing. Here we have an example many of you are probably familiar with – toilet paper folding at hotels. This simple example can clearly demonstrate the value of Standardization, visual management, and process confirmation. Lean principles can be found almost everywhere in industry. This is not only limited

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Is #continual business #transformation a must?

A great article by Torben Rick For companies that don’t want merely to #succeed in their industries but to lead them, continual business transformation is a must. The drivers of transformation vary widely, ranging from the increased globalization of markets, disruptive technology, shifting energy prices, consumer expectations. Whatever the business driver, the initiatives born from strategic calls to action will always

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