We are a group of engineers with the passion for the Lean Thinking.

Our mission is:

  • Explaining Lean Thinking by Examples and Exercises
  • Less words more images for a Visual World
  • If it is complicated it is not “Lean”!
Our logo is a “gear” because in a “Lean Company” everything has to work in syncrony. If one part of the gear does not work well, the company does not work well.
We think that the practical approach is definitely the best, that is why we provide lots of exercise and a plenty of on-line tools to support you during your calculation.
The main characteristic of our softwares is that they are very easy to use. The instructions are the simplest you can find in the web for this category.
There are also some tools that can help you to get familiar with the Lean Manufacturing by simulations and exercises.
Mail: info.leanlab@gmail.com