Lean Lingo Bingo

Reasons why Lean Lingo Bingo is awesome:

  1. Generates intense audience participation during a typically boring training session. Make sure you give the winner a suitable reward…
  2. Forces you, the trainer, to touch on a wide variety of subjects. You can tailor the training to the bingo cards.
  3. Teaches everyone the basic lean vocabulary, so we’re all on the same page.
  4. Yelling “Bingo!” wakes up the sleepers.
  5. It’s a game and everyone loves games!

It’s time to apply lean thinking to the bingo hall. Ever wonder how you could make a bingo hall more efficient? Me neither, but I’m sure somebody is working on it. And it won’t be me because today we’re going to do the opposite.

We’re going to apply “bingo hall thinking” to lean!

Are your lean training slides a little dry? Are people falling asleep listening to you blabber on about the early days of automotive production? The answer is this great little lean game.

Each member of your audience gets a bingo card before you start your presentation. On each card is a series of words related to Lean, in a random “bingo” pattern. Tell your audience to cross off any words that they hear you say. Following standard bingo rules, they must shout out “Bingo!” as soon as they complete a line.

lean word game

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