George Bowman – Principal & Managing Partner at Value Driven Solutions

Let us introduce Mr George Bowman

Innovative and result driven leader focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive markets. Experienced in Geroge Bowmandriving product process and customer improvements while building partnerships with key business decision makers. Consistently increased productivity reduced operating costs and improved product quality by utilizing world class operating methodologies (Lean, Six Sigma, Achieving Competitive Excellence, and Operational Excellence) to optimize manufacturing/ rationalize manufacturing processes and supply chain expertise.

What can you tell us about “Value Driven Solutions”?

Value Driven Solutions is a management consulting firm based out of Las Vegas. We create Enterprise Level Lean Transformation strategies for all industries.

How would you define Lean Management and Six Sigma?

Lean Management is all about fostering a culture of continuous improvement. One that exhibits strong knowledge of the tools and has desire to constantly change to meet customer expectations.

Do you think Lean Six Sigma can be applied in any sector/field?

Absolutely VDS currently works in all industries, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Sales and Marketing, Services, etc. We have seen great benefits in all and have a tailored approach to introduce the methodology and tools sets into the organization.

Please explain in details  a success project you worked on?

VDS has worked and implemented Lean Six Sigma training courses and programs at United Technologies, GE, Luxottica, Curtis Wright, and The Hartford to name a few.

Click HERE to see a project!

Which were the main obstacles you faced up with?

Getting management to buy in and understand the Lean Transformation Strategy at an Enterprise Level and also developing the culture.

If could get back would you change something into the project? Why?

I would never change anything about any project. Even though every initiative isn’t always successful it is a learning experience and should be cherished.

Did you get the results both you and administration expected?

We always obtain results. Sometimes the only obstacle is the timeline.

Which advice would you give to a person/student, who wants to become a Lean Six Sigma professional? Where should he/she start from?

Educate yourself continuously. Don’t take one method as the only way or best practice. Continuous improvement is all about change and progression. You should treat your career and application of the tools the same way. Learn from your experiences and most importantly the culture you are working with.

Thank you George…keep doing the great work with Value Driven Solutions!!