The biggest challenge: Reduce attrition!

Attrition is the biggest obstacle in the functioning of any organization So all HR Professionals should take it very seriously  as it directly affects their very profile. Sometimes attrition is desirable to some extent for organization’s growth and development but in the span of an HR’s work the most challenging part is how to tackle with this situation before it becomes a problem.

There are invariably three reasons for attrition

The first kind is when an employee leaves within three to six months of joining the industry. In this case the employee, after undergoing training, finds the job too demanding and cannot cope with work.

The second reason is when employees, who are basically below 25, leave to study further or pursue an alternative career of their choice. Both these categories of employees make for one-third of the attrition.

The other 65%/70% leave for alternative jobs in the industry as the business grows and there are lots of opportunities.

Human beings are complex personalities.  They differ from person to person. This difference is the result of their attitudes, perceptions, values, norms etc. that they inculcate in the process of socialization – with family, society, peer group etc. Hence it is very difficult to predict a common behavior for surety. This indicates the significance for understanding employees well. Hence it is very necessary that the employers and the managers do understand the employees well.

The making up and ruining of an individual and that of an organization, all depends upon the task master- the manager.

If every manager realizes this, there is no doubt that the organization would break off all its boundaries and emerge successful. In this context it is important that the managers take the following into consideration:-

Leading  people
Developing them

Empowering them
Maintaining them

Techniques to Develop People

– Frequent contacts and Visits
– Meetings
– Encouraging them to talk freely
– Feedback

Techniques to Develop People

Follow the steps below:
1. Identify the strength and weakness of employees;
2. Educate and training them;
3. Encourage them;
4. Nurture them
5. Techniques to be used by the managers.

Techniques to Empower People

Empowerment helps in solving many intricate day today issues. It changes the mindset of employees by providing them a room for thinking , visioning and nurturing. There are multifold benefits of empowerment.

Some of them are:

1. It enables an organization to gain competitive and commercial advantage.
2. It makes the organization more flexible.
3. It helps in improving commitment among people.
4. It helps in utilizing the skills of individual employees to its best advantage.
5. It helps in enhancing personal capabilities.

Techniques to Mantain People

– Motivation
– Proper Incentives
– Performance Appraisal
– Proper grievance redressal
– Building “WE” culture
– Developing a strong bond of trust


Attrition is a serious problem that the organizations face today. This can be reduced if both the management and the managers realize this. The managers should take in a lead role here. They should be committed to tune and mould people in such a way that they best fit the organization. In fact it becomes the duty of every individual manager to understand his subordinates well. Managers should understand that their duty is not only restricted to bossing over employees but in understanding employees ,leading them,  developing them, empowering them  and maintaining them. If this realization bestows on every manager , the organization is sure to succeed. This will help in reducing the attrition level to a certain extend.