Monthly Archives: May 2016

The biggest challenge: Reduce attrition!

Attrition is the biggest obstacle in the functioning of any organization So all HR Professionals should take it very seriously  as it directly affects their very profile. Sometimes attrition is desirable to some extent for organization’s growth and development but in the span of an HR’s work the most challenging part is how to tackle with this situation before it becomes

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What’s the difference between Executive Coaching and Lean Coaching?

This is not an easy question to answer because there are as many different interpretations of the word “coaching” as there are coaches. The difference is that Lean Coaching is a direct teaching method, whereas, what we have encountered in organizations as coaching is more of a self-discovery and feedback method. The main difference is content. Lean Coaching is not

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The hidden costs of hot desking

It’s time to make way for the latest office trends: more collaboration spaces, telecommuting, and less personal space. You now have the chance to take advantage of the fact that over 30% of the EU workforces are not always in the office. The costs of moving to a new workplace design are now being offset by the savings from better

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