VDS & Lean Value Solutions present “The Lean Oil & Gas Organization”-February 2016


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Applying Lean Six Sigma Principles to the Oil & Gas Industry

Course Overview

Lean Six Sigma is a comprehensive approach to eliminating all forms of waste and defects from your business in order to maximize the value to customers and shareholders. Typically, Oil & Gas organizations that apply Lean Six Sigma principles enjoy higher profits, improved quality, higher on time delivery (OTD), shorter turnaround times, increased customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and market share.

This course teaches participants how to initiate and sustain a Lean Transformation strategy for the Oil & Gas Industry. All the materials and activities in this course are designed to help you transform your organization into a World Class Oil & Gas Enterprise.

Learning Objectives  

  • Where and how to start your Lean Transformation
  • Assigning roles & responsibilities through Leadership Standard Work
  • Building a strong Lean culture and dealing with resistance effectively
  • Handling part shortages and volatile customer demand
  • Building the competency of employees at all levels
  • Strategic tool utilization at each phase of the transformation
  • Understanding the three types of Standard Work
  • Aligning the office (Business Process) and shop floor to create flow
  • Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure the Enterprise as well as Sites, Cells, and processes

Day 1, Creating a Lean Enterprise

  • The Value Driven Approach, introducing Lean to your organization
  • The World Class Performance Cycle, developing an enterprise-wide Lean Transformation Strategy
  • Performing an enterprise Lean assessment to focus transformation efforts
  • Assigning roles & responsibilities including creating a robust steering committee with all functional groups (Finance, HR, Operations, Materials, Quality, etc.)
  • Dealing with resistance to change, building the culture, mentoring and nurturing your staff
  • Developing a competency of Lean Six Sigma tools to support the transformation

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Course Agenda

Day 2, Selecting the Lighthouse Project and tool overview

Once the team has established an understanding of the vision, it’s time to formulate our strategy and apply it somewhere in the organization. We call that somewhere the Lighthouse project.

  • The Five Phase VDS approach to create a World Class organization
  • Process Management-Office and Shop Floor
  • Standard Work-Different types and applications (strategic, operational, and procedural)
  • Kaizen- Different levels of kaizen and how to align with overall strategy
  • Visual Factory Guidelines
  • 6S & TPM

Day 3, Lean Six Sigma Tool Overview

Value Stream Mapping – Business Process vs Operations, learn to identify and address the different types of waste and apply different Lean guidelines

  • Quality Clinics, Process Data Collection & Analysis
  • Robust Root Cause Analysis (RRCA) & Mistake Proofing
  • Cell Design for office and shop floor
  • Set Up Reduction
  • Pull Systems Simulation
  • Eliminating Silos
  • Reflect and Share

Class Duration

3 days

Recommended Class Size

15 to 25


$2,500 per participant

Cost includes: Course materials, Off-site venue, Lunch, Instructor travel expenses

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George Bowman

This course is taught by Accredited Lean Master & Six Sigma Black Belt George Bowman. George is recognized asfoto george an innovative result driven leader focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive Global markets with over 15 years of experience. Consistently increasing productivity by reducing costs and improving product quality focusing on World Class operating methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma, Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE), and Operational Excellence. George has a proven track record building World Class continuous improvement cultures as well as designing and implementing Lean Transformations. He is considered by his peers an expert instructor in process improvement theories.    

Tom DeForge

Tom has an extensive background in helping organizations develop and implement Lean Manufacturing principles within a variety of production settings. His experience comprises operational excellence deployment, factory and process re-engineering, developing KPO’s, and facilitating “Lean Implementation” workshops and events. His experience implementing lean manufacturing tools and techniques, coupled with his machining and engineering background have been a plus in developing positive working relationships throughout various manufacturing and service industry client constituents. Currently a Principal Partner in Lean Value Solutions International, he has built a successful practice over the past 15 years by leading several organizations to a lean enterprise implementation strategy.


This is an extremely energizing prospect for leaders and continuous improvement professionals whom not only come to learn but to share best practices. You will have a remarkable opportunity to use the Lean Six Sigma Methodology as instrumentation to enhance your competitive posture as well as improve profitability and sustainability; in other words, to become a World Class Organization.

“Companies must provide customers with world class quality, delivery, and service. The globalization of markets means they don’t have to accept anything less”
                                                                                            Toyota Motors Corporation

Through the development and deployment of a Lean Transformation strategy, VDS can help your organization become World Class.

To those seeking to make a difference in 2016 and beyond, we offer our resources and over 30 years of hands on know-how to assist with your Lean journey. We look forward to further conversations about what a World Class Organization would look like – and how we can work together to make it a reality in your business.


Nicolas Pereira                                                                                               George Bowman
Principal                                                                                                  Principal & MP
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The Value-Driven Approach to Process Management

About Value Driven Solutions 

Value Driven Solutions (VDS) is a management consulting firm focused on continuous process improvement; based on the Lean Principles for manufacturing and service, and the Six Sigma methodology for exceptional quality.

We leverage the culture-changing power of the Lean Principles and the relentless accuracy of Six Sigma to bring our clients exceptional business results. Our consultants understand that Lean Six Sigma is not a one-size-fits-all methodology, thus only utilizing the right tools through a customized approach to fit our clients’ specific needs.

Our comprehensive approach to continuous improvement, based on VDS’ World Class Performance Cycle, ensures the right processes and value streams are optimized according to the impact on the company’s goals and overall strategy. As a result, Lean Six Sigma will become the way business is done, how decisions are made, the core of organizational culture with the customer always as the focal point.

VDS’ Mission

“Value Driven Solutions is fully committed to enabling businesses to reach their full operational potential through the implementation of tailored problem solving strategies in the most efficient and cos-effective manner.”

About Lean Value Solutions International

Lean Value Solutions International is a destination for organizations seeking results-based partnerships that require rapid results whether they are strategic or tactical assignments. We provide the expertise and infrastructure necessary to help you implement strategy and align culture, processes and disciplined execution.

Lean Value Solutions International is unique in its heritage to The Toyota Production System and The Shingijutsu Company. Our company philosophy and experience is deeply rooted in the Toyota Production System (TPS) and its fundamentals, which we have learned firsthand through close working relationships with the TPS pioneers.

Our leadership team has over 75 years of collective expertise implementing improvement systems that drive superior value creation. Our skilled team of practitioners is unmatched in real-world experience and success.

LVSI’s Mission

” Our mission is to deliver superior value and competitive advantage to our clients by providing a proven portfolio of innovative solutions. True to our roots, we are passionate to message the Lean management principles that are the cornerstone to sustaining a successful company for the long-term.”


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