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Motorola: Six Sigma Still Pays Off

“Six Sigma’s stamp is all over the Razr,” says Michael S. Potosky, Motorola’s corporate director of Six Sigma. Engineers, for instance, applied the process to the phone’s antenna, helping keep it hidden while maintaining call clarity. With hits like the Razr, the Schaumburg (Ill.) company has climbed from a 15.4% market share in mobile phones to 22.4% over the past

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Dell, Inc: Best Practices for Measuring the Success of Enterprise Testing

A good approach to measurement is provided by the Six Sigma framework, which describes four families of measures. These families are known as the PFQT measures, which detail the productivity (process), financials (cost), quality, and timeliness (schedule) of a project. An effective measurement strategy includes metrics that address these four areas. Click HERE to see the FULL Dell’s document.

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Accelerating Lean Productivity with Immersive Collaboration

Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) proposes an immersive, interactive virtual environment to overcome the challenges of time, distance, and limited resources. Through this robust, interactive environment, they were able to design new processes and make recommendations that resulted in a significant reduction of time to service customers and overall service costs. The leader of the lean event stated that

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