Lean6Sigma4all celebrates 1 year anniversary!

It was exactly one year ago when I was in front of my laptop (like every night for the last 3 years) reading an article about the difference and importance between Utilization and Implied Utilization in processes. I had finished few months before a course to get my #GreenBelt but I did not feel very comfortable with lots of topics and tools. I did not feel like to have the mastery to manage a Lean Six Sigma project on my own.

I thought that it would have been better to have some real projects developed by real consultant or professional for real customer company instead of reading books again and again.

So I goggled the words “Lean Six sigma Project” and so many results shown up that I did not know where to start from. In that moment 3 questions came up to my mind:

  1. If I do not feel so confident how can I know if the project developed is a good one?
  2. How can I know if the consulting company that developed the project is reliable?
  3. How can I trust what they publish on their website?
It was there that I invented  ”Lean6Sigma4all”.

I have never considered myself a Lean Six Sigma expert and there are so many resources on-line you can learn from, that it would be impossible for me to be competitive.  On the other hand there are companies that would need a Lean Six Sigma supplier to train their employee or work on a project to reduce waste and save money.

What about if I told you that you could use one platform only to look for your Lean Six Sigma consulting company.

That is the main idea behind Lean6Sigma4all!!!

#Lean6Sigma4all is the only European growing and MATCHMAKING PLATFORM that aims for connecting companies interested in Lean Six Sigma with any expert consultant or agency.

We publish projects developed by Lean Six Sigma consulting companies or  professionals and these projects will be voted by the audience. So it works like a forum.

I do everything on my own and I do not have an IT background so every time I want to do something first of all I have to learn how to do that.  The main problem is to get projects from companies that believe in the potential of this idea and my platform. Everybody writes he believes in sharing but in reality they act differently. They are good at writing that in a post on #LinkedIn republish a picture that says: “Sharing is caring”.

I am totally alone on this and I have so many things to learn, probably I will fail with this my crazy idea but for sure I will never pronounce the worst words a guy with a dream can say:

“What would have happened if I had done it?”

Probably I will never become a Business Analyst, which is what I want to do form  the deepest of my heart, because I will never come across a company that gives me this chance but you can be sure I will never give up.

I will be always proud of myself because everything I have done, I have done it on my own.

Lea6Sigma4all gave me chance to meet great professionals and I want to thank all of them for the big advice what I learn from them:

Cedro Toro – CEO at KPI FIRE

Cedro was the first I got in touch with and he accepted to become partner for the project. If you need great software to measure and control KPIs, he is the right person!

George Bowman, Principal & Managing Partner at Value Driven Solutions

George has always supported me and he was the first who gave me project to publish. Value Driven Solutions is our partner too.

Mauro Giorgini, Consultant at Notoria International

Mauro accepted to be interviewed and shared with me one of the biggest projects he has worked on. In fact he is helping the Cypriot Government with the spending review.

Mischa van Aalten, Managing Partner at The Lean Six Sigma Company

The Lean Six Sigma Company is the biggest partner we have and I am proud of helping them to increase their visibility through the Italian market. Mischa is such an incredible professional, extremely flexible and reliable.

If you want to know more about my project or help me: contacte@lean6sigma4all.eu

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