KPI Fire: Just what you need, nothing more!

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We celebrated our new sponsorship with the company KPI Fire in a previous post and it is our privilege to collaborate with such an innovative and data-oriented company who demonstrate a special consideration for people.

This time we’d like to share a bit more with you about the software they have developed and how it can help your business to save time, allowing you to focus on developing the right strategy based on the insights it can provide.

I know that you are probably thinking that this is just another tool with lot of functions just to impress the potential users and that you have to be really skilled to use all of them. KPI Fire is software that gives you just what you need, nothing more. It is a resource and time saver!

We personally tested KPI Fire and determined that it is easy to use software for employees at all levels. In addition, it helps employees at all levels to communicate with each other while they work on a project; this software gives a voice to each of your employees!

Let’s be honest, when you work in a large company and you are involved in a project, you often do not know what your colleagues’ roles are and it can be difficult to discern the level progression for their tasks. KPI Fire can help you to monitor in real time whether you are on the right track to achieve the project’s goals.


Employees are able to quickly and easily provide ideas that can help improve the company. Those ideas are then prioritized and turned into projects. In addition, to this everyone can submit process improvement ideas with a single click. As I said before, you do not need to be an egghead (of course we are not!) to use this tool, which very user friendly.

Using KPI Fire you can get your team excited about real projects that are directly tied to employees’ goals. KPI Fire helps you work smarter by prioritizing your projects in real time. With the ability to see a clear alignment with company goals and metrics, employees feel empowered and engaged. Make better decisions with real time data. Viewing custom KPI Fire dashboards on your PC or Mobile blows away those spreadsheets you’ve been using!

dashboard 2

KPI Fire is a tool to help you collaborate as a team as well as standardize your workflows so you can close more projects more effectively.  It also tracks your savings and goals so you can prove the value you bring to your company.

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