Is your company ready and willing to accept #change?

Article written by Alec Cook

Are your employee’s ready to accept your changes into their working roles?

More importantly, if they are not, how do you motivate them to accept it?

These are two questions that organizational development and change researchers have been studying for years and I believe I have found an answer.

Employee acceptance to change involves two fundamental elements:

1) Readiness for change

2) Commitment to change.

Readiness for change examines how employees perceive the need for change and its effect on the individuals and the organization. Readiness for change looks at such items as:

  1. Is a change needed (discrepancy)?
  2. Is the proposed change the right thing to do to correct the need (appropriateness)?

Employees may also consider:

  1. If the change can actually be implemented (efficacy)
  2. Will they have the support needed to implement it?
  3. How the change will benefit them (valence)

Commitment to change looks at an employee’s intentions to either accept or reject a change. The degree of commitment can either be direct and forth coming or can be covert and hidden from management’s view. Commitment to change concerns itself with how employees feel about the change;

  1. Do they believe it is the correct direction for the company to move towards or
  2. Do they feel a sense of duty to participate in the change or
  3. Do they have a feeling of obligation to participate because they have no other choice?