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Value Stream Mapping: Ferrari or Pinto?

Good article written by Karen Martin  President The Karen Martin Group, Inc.   Mike Osterling and I decided to write our latest book, Value Stream Mapping,  to deepen people’s understanding about this powerful improvement methodology. In particular, we wanted to help the many organizations that: Remain unfamiliar with the practice Underutilize the method Misuse the tool Notice that I refer to value stream mapping

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The Role of the #Lean #Team in a Lean #Transformation

Article written by David Brunt At the annual Summit in November 2014, Terry O’Donoghue shared the remarkable Lean transformation story happening at the Halfway Group in South Africa. By starting with customer purpose (and then business purpose) Terry explains how the leadership team is simultaneously improving the value creating work whilst developing the people at the same time. You will hear

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How to Find a Good #Lean #Consultant

Article written by Christoph Roser –  Lean Expert Lean manufacturing is difficult. External expertise can help you in improving your business. However, the wrong consultant can at best have no effect, or worse damage your company, or at worst kill the company. Hence the consultant you hire will have a significant impact on the outcome of the project. This post will give

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