The Facade of Lean – Interview to John Dyer

Many companies are reaping huge benefits from Lean implementation, but others are still struggling, according to noted process improvement and Lean operations expert John Dyer.


He calls it the “Facade of lean.” Dyer, who consults with operations around the world, says many companies have the tools in place, but cut corners on lean principles and the proven structures. Dyer, speaking at the IndustryWeek Best Plants conference, said that as soon as a company runs into a crisis, lean disciplines and processes are abandoned, in favor of reflexive, outmoded processes.

Additionally, Dyer says many companies have implemented continuous improvement on the shop floor, only to innovate very little in other areas, like finance, administration or HR.

Dyer says with the advent of Internet of Things and connected systems, it’s more important than ever to take a holistic, company-wide approach to lean operations and thinking.