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Transformational Leadership: Inspiring to Change

Say the word “leader” and most of us envision a knight-like figure charging headlong, inspiring his troops and generally leading from the front. That’s the dramatized version of a special type of leadership called “Transformational Leadership”. Transformational leadership is probably the ideal interpretation of leadership, and the most romanticized. Leaders of this kind are visionaries, full of enthusiasm and boundless

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Not Everything That Can be Automated Should Be

Article written by Robert Simonis (RESOURCE: Robert H. Simonis is the Senior Consultant for Manufacturing and Operations at KCE Consulting LLC.  Robert has over twenty years of leadership experience including ten years factory management and ten years of global responsibilities in automotive, electronics, machining, and complex assembly operations and is recognized as a Lean enterprise expert The assembly cell

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What’s the point of Lean training?

This is great article written by David Bovis. I love to hear people discussing the importance of ‘Purpose’ and how it has to be clearly defined at all levels of an organisation, if alignment and accountability are to flourish. It reminds me of the philosophy I’ve read, in which it has been agreed across the ages that through language, the

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